Splitting Axe C1200 ERGO LINE™

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- a splitting axe for preparing small sized firewood, for small trunks with a diameter of up to 20 cm

- suitable for chopping wood for kindling

- lightweight and comfortable to hold, may be used with one handa blade made of high quality induction-hardened steel, extremely durable, deeply welded with the handle

- a unique head shape suitable for splitting woodan appropriately shaped handle made of a fiberglass-reinforced composite, provides cushioning at impact

- a soft, non-slip SAFETOUCH™ surface, covering a substantial length of the handle provides a sure grip and comfort of use

- a multifunctional cover guarantees safe handling, storage of the axe and the sharpener

Length 450 mm, weight 1.2 kg

25-year warranty on the product upon website registration