Metal Slimcan 5 Litre - Green


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The modern, some might say continental, version of the Traditional Can. Designed with a single handle running from front to back, this can is best used two handed but can easily be used single-handed. With a 10 Year Guarantee and made from heavy gauge steel with a hot dip zinc galvanised coating to resist rusting. The slim design is particularly beneficial when carrying the can.

Available in 5 different colours.

Hot dipped galvanised for total rust prevention, strength and long life

Slim style for easy carrying when full

Supplied with an Small Oval Fine Spray Rose. – eliminates seedling washout

Available Small Round Fine and Coarse Spray Roses in Spares and Accessories

Hooped handle allows single handed use

Dimensions 56cm x 17.5cm x 32cm (L x W x H)Weight when full 6.4kg