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Weeders & Edgers

When it comes to keeping the garden looking tidy, two quick and easy ways to make a world of difference are getting rid of the weeds, and creating a crisp edge to the lawn.  Regular weeding is the simplest way to achieve a smark look, and having the right tool for the job can really make it easier.  This selection of Burgon & Ball weeders and edgers will help avoid stooping and possible back pain whilst you keep the weeds at bay.  

Wonder Weed Puller
59.50 59.5 AUD
Out of Stock
Wonder Weed Puller Display Stand
80.00 80.0 AUD
Long Handled Block Paving Knife
69.50 69.5 AUD
RHS Stainless Half Moon Lawn Edger
84.00 84.0 AUD
Weed Slice Long Handled
80.00 80.0 AUD
Out of Stock