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Rakes & Planters

These long handled rakes take the effort out of tidying up!  But these rakes are not just for gathering leaves: whether you need to tidy borders, spread soil, or remove moss from the lawn, you'll find the perfect tool here.  There is even a unique Culti-Rake which can be used to cultivate at the same time - perfect for borders. The innovative design of the long handled bulb planter makes the repetitive task of planting bulbs much easier.  

Burgon & Ball stainless steel rakes and bulb planter are endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society and come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.  High quality materials combined with thoughtful design details make these long handled garden rakes a pleasure to use.  

RHS Long Handled Bulb Planter
97.00 97.0 AUD
RHS Long Handled Shrub Rake
71.50 71.5 AUD
RHS Stainless CultiRake
85.00 85.0 AUD
RHS Stainless FlexiTined Lawn Rake
96.00 96.0 AUD
RHS Stainless Ground Rake
96.00 96.0 AUD
RHS Stainless Mid Handled Shrub Rake
49.50 49.5 AUD