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Hoes & Cultivators

This extensive range of high quality long handled tools from Burgon & Ball are tough tools for tough jobs.  Manufactured from steel, each of these tools is hardened and tempered to the optimum level for the jobs they perform, and edges are sharpened to allow them to slice easily through the soil.  Every detail is crafted to ensure the hoes and cultivating tools are a pleasure to use and will last for many years.

The RHS endorsed stainless steel tools are covered by a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.  This collection of long handled tools helps reduce stooping while gardening, and are perfect for gardeners who prefer not to kneel.

Long Handled Claw Cultivator
69.50 69.5 AUD
RHS Stainless Draw Hoe
84.00 84.0 AUD
RHS Stainless Dutch Hoe
96.00 96.0 AUD
Long Handled Razor Hoe
82.50 82.5 AUD
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