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Forks & Spades

These good looking and exceptionally hardworking tools have been designed to make light work of digging and cultivating, and are manufactured to last for years.  Burgon & Ball garden spades and forks are endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society and come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. 

Different soils and different tasks require different tools and this collection is where you will find the perfect tool for the job.  Each tool has unique and thoughtful design features to enhance performance and user comfort.  The digging spade for example, has a longer handle than most to reduce back strain and wide comfort treads to protect feet. 

Rigourously tested, the Burgon & Ball spades and forks outperform standard load tests by more than 50%.  This is the weight a tool can hold without permanent deformation: these digging spades can take a load of over 100kg.  

These tools really do take the hard work out of digging.  Browse this collection to find the perfect spade or fork for you.  

Ladies Stainless Groundbreaker Spade
123.50 123.5 AUD
Out of Stock
Mens Stainless Groundbreaker Spade
137.50 137.5 AUD
Out of Stock
RHS Stainless Border Fork
110.00 110.0 AUD
RHS Stainless Border Spade
110.00 110.0 AUD
RHS Stainless Digging Fork
126.50 126.5 AUD
RHS Stainless Digging Spade
126.50 126.5 AUD
RHS Stainless Transplanting Spade
126.50 126.5 AUD
Sophie Conran - Digging Fork
0.00 0.0 AUD
Sophie Conran - Digging Spade
110.00 110.0 AUD