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Burgon & Ball Houseplant Care Range

Houseplants are making headlines in interior design, and these specialist houseplant care tools will help you keep your plants happy and healthy - whether you think of yourself as a gardener or not.

With precision blade shapes, and handles designed for comfort and control, these tools are ideal for precision work in the smallest of containers.  There are tools here for succulents and cacti, orchids, bonsai, ikebana, leafy houseplants and flowering ones.  Whatever your indoor plant passion, this collection has the perfect tool for you, to keep your houseplants at the peak of perfection. 

Browse this collection to find the houseplant care tool for your statement style.  

Japanese Pruning Scissors
28.50 28.5 AUD
Out of Stock
Houseplant Pruner
28.95 28.95 AUD
Out of Stock
Orchid Snip
28.95 28.95 AUD
Terrarium Tool Set
28.95 28.95 AUD