Gold Leaf Gardening Gloves

...for people serious about gardening

Recognised as the world's premier brand of gardening gloves their innovative and unique design provide quality, comfort and style. The exceptionally high quality leather is both comfortable and durable. They are endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society.

The SOFT TOUCH TM Gardening Glove...

is a truly innovative glove which offers an extremely close fit allied to incredible durability, and unmatchable dexterity.The palm of this glove is constructed of very high quality grain leather which is characterised by its softness and suppleness, whilst remaining highly durable.

The back of this glove is made from Lycra, nylon and foam, which together with the velcro fastening, afford the close, tight fit which helps differentiate it from other gardening gloves.

The emphasis of this glove is is very much about feel and fit, and will suit those in search of a robust, comfortable multi-purpose gardening glove with a touch of style.

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The DRY TOUCH TM Gardening Glove...

is a very comfortable and durable glove which has been constructed using a softer, extremely pliable grain leather, which affords an exceptionally high level of dexterity.

This glove also benefits from the leather having been specially treated to offer resistance to water, and therefore would be ideal for those seeking a glove to use in slightly wetter conditions.  

Additionally, this glove features a full lining throughout which results in extra comfort and warmth.

The DRY TOUCH is suitable for a variety of gardening purposes, such as potting, weeding and light pruning (for heavy pruning we recommend the TOUGH TOUCH™)

The TOUGH TOUCH TM Gardening Glove...

Through its unique design TOUGH TOUCH™ gauntlet gardening glove from Gold Leaf offers a high level of protection against thorns whilst retaining an incredible soft feel which results in very unusual dexterity for a glove so robust as this.  This glove also offers exceptional comfort and warmth, with the added benefit of the gold grain leather being specially treated to offer resistance to water.   An extended cuff which affords additional protection for the wrist and forearm adds to the overall appeal of this superb gardening glove.

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