Eco Pot Maker makes Ethical Gift List

ecopotmakerAustralian Ethical listed our Eco Pot Maker as one of a number of suggested eco-gifts for the recent holiday season in a recent website article for their members. 

The Eco Pot Maker from Burgon & Ball is made from sustainably sourced beech wood and makes three different pot sizes for seedlings from nothing more than scrap newspaper.   With the Eco Pot Maker you can create a limitless supply of sturdy and biodegradable pots for seeds, seedlings and young plants. You can buy the Eco Pot Maker here in the store.

About Australian Ethical: Australian Ethical are an Australian investment fund that make positive competitive investments in areas such as clean energy, medical solutions and sustainable products.  Find out more on their website.


Compact Leather Tool Belt

We have recently added to our own Quality Products range leather tool belt.

Compact Tool Belt made of premium leather to hold your essential tools.  Adjustable waist strap.  Pockets for 2 tools plus additional pen or product holder.

Compact Tool Belt 2

Compact Tool Belt and tools standing

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Leather Apron

We have recently added to our own Quality Products range leather aprons.

Full length leather apron.  Long or short options.  Comes with top pocket and 3 lower pockets.  Lightweight with adjustable neck strap and waist straps.  Hard wearing and functional apron made from premium leather, giving a stylish & classic look.

Long Apron – length of body – 88cm with neck strap – 107cm

Short Apron – length of body – 67cm with neck strap – 89cm

Aprons group


Apron long


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beautiful sunflowers

Growing Sunflowers

Sunflowers provide a big splash of yellow colour in a sunny garden and October is just the time to plant these shining beauties!

Sunflowers are great in the Australian climate because they are tough plants and tend to grow in pretty much any conditions as long as the soil isn’t overly moist.

They’re a great addition to a summer garden because they attract bees and birds, naturally encouraging a natural eco-system in your garden.

In cooler areas you should sow sunflowers well into spring, well after the last frost. In warmer regions, you can sow any time from late winter into late spring. You can sow sunflower seeds all year round in subtropical or tropical climates, but you do run the risk of fungal disease with humid summer weather.

Sunflowers. Bouquet

Sunflowers. Bouquet

Prepare your soil with a border fork and border spade to create a seed bed in your garden. Spread the seed by hand, broadcasting it, and the rake it into your prepared soil. You can also sow each seed to a 2cm depth, if you prefer.

Cover your seed bed with a light covering of straw, or lucerne hay which stops the seeds being consumed by birds and rodents.

Lightly water your sunflower seeds in the morning and allow about 12-16 weeks for flowers to appear.

For an organic approach to slug repellent, you can mix your own with one part espresso coffee and three parts water, spraying onto the seedlings and mulch. Repeat this process after heavy rain.


2015 Home & Giving Fair Melbourne



We will be at Stand I1, enter by door 7 or 10 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

We will be exhibiting our range of products from Quality Products at the home & giving fair. Do come to visit us and our stand, to have a chat and see our range and the NEW Raspberry Pink collection of gardener’s accessories designed by the award winning Sophie Conran, for Burgon & Ball, in person.


You can find us at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, (MCEC).  Stand I1.  Enter by door 7 or door 10.

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC),
1 Convention Centre Place South Wharf, VIC 3006

Melbourne Home & Giving Fair is the largest gift Fair in the southern hemisphere.  Attracting thousands of exhibitors and retailers each year.  Due to it’s size the August Home & Giving Fair will be held over two locations – Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC) and Melbourne Showgrounds.

Melbourne 2015 Home & Giving Fair will be open from 9:00am – 6:00pm; Saturday August 1st to Tuesday August 4th. 9:00am – 3:00pm; Wednesday August 5th.

Fair Information

Floor Plan – Quality Products is at Stand I1 in Hall 8 in the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC) (access by door 7 or 10)

Travel and Stay

Shuttle Bus Transfers to the fair

Burgon & Ball’s Sophie Conran Designer Range is available in our Quality Products online store.




New Raspberry Collection Of Burgon and Ball’s Sophie Conran Range


Burgon & Ball is proud to announce the launch of its NEW Raspberry Pink collection of gardener’s accessories designed by the award winning Sophie Conran.




Gardener’s Gubbins Pots

“just when I need a label or a piece of wire I can’t find one, or its all tangled up in a spool of twine. These gorgeous tins bring a pleasing order to all my bits and bobs and save me hours of hunting and unravelling as well, and I do like a bit or order in my chaotic life”. Sophie Conran

Width 20cm square, depth 10cm. Each set contains 9 pots sitting in a holding tray.

Product Details: Gardener’s Gubbins Pots


Herb Pots

“These elegant herb pots look gorgeous on my kitchen window-sill and ensure that my favourite herbs are always to hand”. Sophie Conran

Three individual pots sitting within a watertight tray.

Tray 32cm wide x11cm deep. Pots 1cc high.

Product Details: Herb Pots


Watering Can

“Delivering exactly the right amount of water to precisely the right place in the plant pot is a bigger ask of a watering can than you might imagine – it’s all about balance, design and feel of the can in your hand.

I’ve spent a long time working to get these cans just right as well as looking lovely enough to leave out on my window-sill”. Sophie Conran

Product Details: Watering Can


Everyday Gloves and Gardener’s Gauntlets


Everyday Gloves

“I keep this pair of gloves by the back door and slip them on every time I pop out for a spot of gardening. They fit like a …glove (should!) and are deliciously comfortable and elegant too”. Sophie Conran

Palm and fingers made from hard-wearing, ultra soft fabric that doesn’t go stiff when wet. 2 way stretch mesh inserts between fingers help regulate hand temperature and improve dexterity. Wrist strap makes the gloves adjustable and gives the snug fit necessary to stop bits dropping down inside them.

Product Details: Everyday Glove



“These gloves are amazing to wear when I’m pruning & cutting – soft, supple and beautiful. The extra-long cuffs keep my arms free from scratches and allergies and the palm re-enforcements keep blisters at bay”. Sophie Conran

Palm and fingers made from hardwearing, ultra-soft fabric that doesn’t go stiff when wet. Re-enforced pad across the back of the gloves adds extra protection for knuckles. Deep cuffs, in allium bloom printed cotton fabric. Makes them the perfect gloves for working with plants that irritate the skin or are thorny.

Product Details: Gauntlet


Burgon & Ball’s Sophie Conran Designer Range is available in our Quality Products online store.


Gardening Tools and Accessories for Mum

Mum, The Everyday Gardener

Verti-Plant the amazing vertical garden system continues to be a very popular gift.  It allows you to grow your garden up the wall and is perfect to mask unsightly walls in your garden, or even grow more in confined spaces. These Verti-Plants are great for herbs and salad vegetables.  Just pop in your soil, plant your seedlings and water regularly during the summer months for a wonderful harvest.

Gift For The Creative Gardener

For a garden featured with topiary and shaped hedges, a set of sturdy forged Topiary Shears or a set of larger Hedge Shears might be an excellent gift with prices starting from about $70.  The Topiary for Everyone guide has beautifully illustrated pictures that will provide hours of inspiration for anyone with interest in this garden art.

Topiary for Everyone book - Burgon & Ball

Gift for Practical Gardening

The most practical gifts can sometimes be the most memorable. For gardeners who spend a lot of time pottering around the garden, consider a useful gift like a RHS endorsed floral printed Kneelo or a solid coloured Kneelo

Ergonomic watering cans for virtually every type of plant are also amazingly good value and last a long time.  The popular Haws Copper 1 Litre Watering Can at $125 is useful for keeping the soil moist and plants watered.  Also consider our weight-balanced and beautifully designed plastic watering cans from Keira in a range of sizes and colours, starting at $22.

Gift For The Bird Watcher Gardener

Consider the wonderful range of bird feeders including the Ashortwalk Rice Scoop at $14 and Eco Bird Feeder at $19 each, or a Bird Feed Tin for $45.  Or you may prefer the Tweet House or Bird Feeder from the Tweet Tweet Home range at $23 each.


Cool Hands Special

Cool Hands GlovesFor our newsletter subscribers we are offering a 2 for 1 offer on the Cool Hands Toiletries and Cool Hands Gloves range. This special is available until Mother’s Day (May 10). The bonus Cool Hands product, will be automatically dispatch, there’s no need to make any selections during checkout. Please phone us (02 99990684), should you prefer a different bonus Cool Hands product, to the purchased Cool Hands product.




If you’re stuck for what to buy our Quality Products ‘choose your price’ flexible Gift Card vouchers may be just the perfect gift. Mum can choose the perfect gift to suit at her lesiure.

Quality Products Gift Certificates

If you’ve got any questions our helpful team can be contacted during business hours on 02 99990684 or you can leave a message via our website.


Fork & Trowel Gift set – Chrysanthemum

Burgon and Ball – RHS endorsed gift range. Available in 3 different patterns – Chrysanthemum, Passiflora, Rosa Chinensis. $49 at Quality Products.

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Kneelo – Passiflora

Burgon and Ball – RHS endorsed gift range. Available in 3 different patterns – Chrysanthemum, Passiflora, Rosa Chinensis. $49 at Quality Products.

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Herb Pots on a Tray

These retro-styled herb pots come with a tray and two planters.  Each pot is 10x12cm and come with drainage holes.  $22.95 at Quality Products

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Seed Packet Organisers

Seed Packet Organiser helps you collect, sort and store your seeds by planting month… all in this stylish powder coated tin. It features wooden pencils, monthly dividers and five seed storage envelopes to get gardeners started collecting their own seeds.  $59 at Quality Products

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Wooden Trug

Wooden Trug – Natural

Natural Wooden trugs are the essential gardeners accessory for carrying around tools, freshly picked flowers or even weeds!  Lightweight, balanced and easy to carry, these trugs are made using the traditional method with rustic finish from metasequoia timber. Available in two sizes.  from $65 at Quality Products

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Secateurs in gift box – Rosa Chinensis

Burgon and Ball – RHS endorsed gift range. Available in 3 different patterns – Chrysanthemum, Passiflora, Rosa Chinensis. $45 at Quality Products.

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Tea Bag Storage Tin

Stylish storage tin for your favourite Tea Bags. It features an airtight lid to keep your tea fresh, and has six compartments to store 6 different types of tea bags.  $19.95 at Quality Products

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Laundry Set

The retro-styled Laundry Set is sesigned to store laundry powder and/or liquid conveniently together in matching containers with lids on a smart tray.  $39.95 at Quality Products.

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Topiary Frame – Ball

Formed from galvanised wire, our Topiary frames are hinged to enable them to be fitted around established plants. Comes with 15cm legs to secure the frame firmly into the ground around the plant. Diameter 30cm  $49 at Quality Products

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Autumn is a great time to rejuvenate a garden for next spring

Some gardening tips that will help keep your garden flourishing

This is the time to make new plants from cuttings. Take 10cm cuttings from hardwood herbs such as rosemary and natives such as banksias and grevillea. Dip cuttings into hormone powder and pot in small containers of premium potting mix.  You may find the Ratchet Pruner or Sophie Conran Secateurs useful pruning tools to help you with this. The easy to use Eco Pot Maker kit provide a limitless supply of sturdy but biodegradable pots for cuttings or seeds, seedlings and young plants.


Trim hedges before the onset of winter to keep them compact and bushy.  This Topiary Hedge Shear is engineered for large scale topiary and hedge trimming and will complete the job quickly.


Check your lawn and make sure any weeds are removed. Aerate the lawn with a garden fork. Rejuvenate tired lawns with an autumn feeding to ready them for the onset of cool winter weather.  The Dandelion Weeder, Classic Daisy Grubber or Classic Weeding Finger, are great weeding tools for traditional and effective, chemical-free method of removing tap rooted weeds.

Classic Weeding Fork

Classic Weeding Fork


Dandelion Weeder

Dandelion Weeder



Daisy Grubber



Gather grass clippings, kitchen scraps and shredded prunings, and layer them in a compost bin. Turn periodically with a garden fork to allow air to circulate and the organic matter to break down quickly.  To help with the organic matter break down our Compost Accelerator Spray can be applied directly to the outdoor compost as well as being used with the Urban Composter Bin.

Burgon & Ball Border Fork

Remove fallen leaves from garden and lawn into leaf sacks or the compost bin on a regular basis, to prevent your plants and grass getting smothered.

Leaf Composting Sack

Don’t rush pruning spent seed heads. They provide a wealth of food for birds that visit your garden.  If you have cymbidium orchids, they should be placed in full sunshine to encourage good flower spikes during winter and spring.

Divide evergreen perennials. Lift them from the soil, divide at the root and re-plant into well-conditioned soil.  The Transplanting Spade features a long, narrow bladed spade for digging in tight holes amongst dense planting.

Burgon & Ball Transplanting Spade

Between now and June is the perfect time to plant Daffodils and other spring bulbs.

It’s time to plant daffodils

Anytime between February and June is when you need to plant daffodils.  March and April is the optimum time as the summer temperatures start to cool down.  Growing well in cooler climates bulbs will need full or nearly full sun conditions to get the best display.

Spring daffodils

Bulbs like daffodils are nearly always planted in pots or in drifts across your garden.  They also grow really well and look spectacular under the deciduous trees in your garden.  Don’t forget you can also plant bulbs in your lawn too, for an amazing display. Rather than digging up your garden used a specialised Long Handled Bulb Planter for this purpose.  In garden beds, there is a shorter Hand Held version.

Before planting prepare your soil with plenty of organic matter and ensure that the bulbs have good drainage. This will ensure that they don’t rot if the soil gets too damp.  Some potassium sulphate sprinkled after planting is enough fertiliser to kick off the bulbs.  Use a complete fertiliser once the shoots start appearing through the soil.

While budding your daffodils will need a little water a few times a week, only when there is no rain.  It’s important that you don’t over water your bulbs.  If you are growing them in pots you need to watch where you are growing them to ensure it doesn’t get to hot, or too dry.

Daffodil Bulb Planting

The pointy end of the bulb needs to be planted facing the sky.  They need to be planted at a depth of 15cm, or twice the size of the bulb itself.  Plant the bulbs between 10-15 centimeters apart, any closer and they’ll start to crowd each other out when they bloom.  Use a spacing rule and a dibber for softer soil to get easy and exact measurements.

After the season ends you need to wait until the leaves of the flowers have completely died back. This is when the nutrients from the flower is sucked back into the bulb.

At the end of the season dig up your bulbs, cleaning off any soil with a dry cloth.  Allow the bulbs to dry.  Select the bulbs without any damage or rot and store them in a dry paper bag in a dark place with good airflow.